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The industry faces a continuous uphill battle to cope and manage the challenges that it encounters as a result of global events, the development of new technologies and the introduction of new products and participants - all of which play a role in reshaping the regulatory field for financial services and products.

We acknowledge such challenges and the opportunities provided therewith, and have the experience and expertise to advise on a wide range of regulatory, risk management and compliance issues involving Cyprus, including permissibility of activities, regulatory processes and requirements, enforcement risks and enforcement trends. Our specialist team’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of the markets you operate in, combined with our relationship with the regulators, help us to proactively advise on the regulatory horizon in Cyprus.

In addition to regulatory compliance, our team can guide you through all stages of setting up and operating your regulated vehicle in Cyprus, including at the pre as well as the post licensing phase, whether that be for an investment firm, payment services provider, fund or otherwise. Capital markets is also a field that we assist clients with, particularly in listings of securities on the primary or secondary market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange, public offerings and other related matters such as registrations and enforcement of collateral.

We have worked with some the largest players in the industry, both from the local and international stage, and associate ourselves with an international network of specialist services providers prepared to assist you in Cyprus or abroad.

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