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There is increasing recognition of the fact that the safeguarding of data privacy is of the utmost importance, to the extent that it is now widely accepted that the concept is no longer confined to theoretical debate or limited to hypothetical argument in academic circles. Indeed, the prevention of corruption or loss of information through the unauthorised or inappropriate dissemination thereof, is a fundamental and inalienable right and, as such, calls for the systematic adoption of an effective data protection strategy (apparently regarded by the business sector as a key priority objective ranking closely behind what is, predictably, the pursuit of profit). 

Our firm, having the know-how to assist in the implementation and realisation of this important goal, is acutely aware of the need for individuals and corporate entities to be appropriately informed of their respective rights and obligations, and, to ensure that they are well informed and acquainted with the purpose and manner of data collection and the subsequent processing and storage thereof. 

In this regard, A.G. Erotocritou LLC provides data security, sophisticated data management and related advice. The firm is conscious of the fact that a robust and systematic policy for safeguarding information is an invaluable requirement for inspiring the trust and confidence of those persons whose data has been made available for a designated purpose and who have an unequivocal legal right to pre-empt its unauthorised use.  

The experienced team members of A.G. Erotocritou LLC are actively involved in their local compliance culture and have successfully worked together in recent years to assist a plethora of local and international clients, including, multinational organizations (included various listed companies in the NY and London Stock Exchange) and conglomerates, specialized, inter alia, in the insurance, pharmaceutical, energy, shipping and banking sectors regarding their obligations under the privacy laws.

Our firm’s input in achieving desired results includes a thorough and comprehensive review of procedures, controls and processes currently in place, as well as evaluating the effectiveness and practical impact of our client’s present arrangements and the extent to which these are compliant and in conformity with applicable laws and regulations. Our core areas include audits, advice on compliance matters, data security, data loss prevention, investigation management, transfer management, employee monitoring, incident response, dealing with all procedural matters before the competent authorities (the Data Protection Commissioner, the Tax Authorities, etc), assistance with the filing of all necessary notifications and applications for licences, advice to natural persons in relation to their rights under the laws, assistance with the design and implementation of privacy and security policies and programs, risk assessments, advice on the export of personal data to third countries, advise on electronic signatures and cybercrime, etc.

Members of the team have contributed various publications on privacy laws and the firm published for ICLG the local Cyprus Chapter on Data protection for the year 2016.

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